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Teacher Trainings

Next Training: TBA

Calling all lovers of children and music...come join the JAM!

I offer occasional trainings in the JAM method (scroll down for current offerings). These trainings are appropriate for people who want to integrate the JAM method into their existing teaching situation, such as pre-school, PRE-K, TK, early elementary, and inclusion teachers, and anyone who works with children on a regular basis who would like to absorb a tool kit of music, movement and mindfulness activites to use in their work. If you'd like to schedule a private training for your school or group, please contact me directly.

I will also be offering a JAMboodas certification that will enable participants to start their own JAMboodas (caregiver/child classes for ages 0-4) teaching practice, using the music and curriculum I've developed over the past 13 years. One goal is to provide an opportunity for parents who want to work part time and still have time for their families to create a fulfilling and rewarding job for themselves by piggy-backing on what I've already created, researched and tested. I'm dreaming big. Let's do this! This will be pilot program, and I'm very excited about spreading the JAM all around the country this way! Please email me if you are specifically interested in this aspect of the training and we'll get something going!

If you would like to be notified when trainings are announced, email me and let me know. Tell me a little about yourself, your work, and your interest in the training. I can't wait to meet you! And scroll down for my current offerings...hope to see you there!

Upcoming Workshops:

JAM Teacher Training
Practicing Music, Movement and Mindfulness with Children
A Workshop for Teachers, Caregivers and Parents

Summary: Learn the method and curriculum behind Charity Kahn's well-loved JAM programs and interactive performances with children. Explore how music, movement and mindfulness together enhance brain development, sensory motor integration and creative expression, and help reduce stress. Leave this workshop with a toolbox of songs, dances and exercises for infusing learning, joy and calm into your work with children! (Scroll down for a longer description.)

Date: TBA, 10am-4pm

Fee: $150 (includes all materials + music CD + access to YouTube videos)

Location: Charity's home (Outer Sunset, San Francisco)

Who: Teachers, caregivers and parents (who work with kids aged 1-8)

Topics covered:
--The JAM Method
--12 JAM Song-and-Dance Routines
--Practicing Mindfulness With Children: The Basics
--Classroom Management + "Pay-Attention Tricks"
--Curriculum Organization and Planning

--We will break for lunch around noon, so please pack a healthy lunch + water
--Wear comfortable clothing, as we will be moving around quite a bit ;-)
--Consider bringing along your favorite yoga mat and meditation cushion
--No prior experience necessary

Long description:
Music, Movement and Mindfulness: Food for Mind, Body, and Spirit

Children are naturally on the move, and dance their way through life. Children are naturally noisy, and sing their way through the day. Music and movement together provide a natural vehicle for self expression, confidence building, healthy brain development, cognitive enhancement, and the direct experience of joy and caregiver/child bonding...not to mention a place for children to channel all that energy. Add in the practice of mindfulness to help children calm down, integrate their nervous systems, and connect with their breath and body, and you've got a recipe for success!

In this innovative "body-on" workshop, family musician and educator Charity Kahn (founder of the Parents' Choice and NAPPA Gold Award-winning family music group, Charity and the JAMband) takes you on a sound-and-motion journey incorporating singing, creative movement, rhythm explorations, mindfulness and dramatic play. Charity's song themes touch on things children are naturally fascinated by so they're sure to focus in and listen. Her accompanying dances are inspired by the ways in which children naturally move, and encourage sensory motor integration and brain development while being super fun and incredibly easy for children (and grown-ups!) to learn. Exercises involving mindful breathing and mindful movements round out the curriculum.

You will walk away with a toolbox of songs, movements and exercises that are easy to bring directly into the classroom, daycare or home. No music, dance or mindfulness background required.

Target age group: The JAM curriculum is most appropriate teachers and other who work with children aged 1-8.

About Charity: Presenter Charity Kahn -- mother, musician, performer, composer, teacher, mathematician, author and recording artist -- founded JAM Music and Movement in 2001 as a vehicle for bringing the joy of music and movement to children and their families. Charity is a classically trained pianist, flutist and vocalist who has played and sung every type of music from baroque to bluegrass, has released seven CDs of original music, and is the co-author of the book, Math and Music: Harmonious Connections. She works with children (aged birth through 8) and the adults who care for them in pre-schools and elementary schools, public libraries, concert halls and other venues around the Bay Area. She also offers classes and camps grounded in the JAM curriculum. She is the mother of two fabulous teens, 15-yr-old Jasper and 12-yr-old Silas.

Schedule: 10:00 Introductions + Background + Why JAM? * 10:15 The JAM Method * 10:30 6 Songs * 12:00 Lunch * 12:30 6 Songs * 2:00 Break * 2:15 Intro to Mindfulness + Practicing with Children * 3:15 The Practical Stuff: Classroom Integration/Equipment/Organization * 3:30 Time for Questions * 3:45 Deep Relaxation

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