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Here you will find a growing library of resources for teachers: lead sheets, charts, song stories, videos, choreography, activitiy ideas and more for each of our songs. To date, we have recorded 96 songs, so I obviously have a long way to go to complete this library! If there's a specific song for which you'd like me to create a lead sheet, chart, movement video, etc, please reach out and I'll be more than happy to do so! Click on each song name to go to a page that contains all the resources for that song. The songs are listed in alphabetical order below, followed by a Play button and description. Have fun!

#11 on Family Values
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A wonderful song for Thanksgiving, or any time you want to teach about the practice of gratitude! In the song, we are thankful for the sun, the rain, school, home, friends and family. And the chorus is an open question...what makes you twinkle, shine, and grateful to be alive? Get ready for some awesome follow-up conversations with the kiddos ;-)
#3 on Family Values
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A song about sending love and wishes for health, safety and happiness to ourselves and others in ever-widening circles. The song is a practice in and of itself, and the easy-to-sing melody and universal concept is graspable by even the youngest of children. This song is guaranteed to bring joy and kindness into your day!
So Long to the Day
#12 on Party Like a Twinkle Star
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I wrote this lullaby/lovesong when I was pregnant with my firstborn child (now 17!) It's a wish for the child to feel all the love of the world, starting simple and expanding out to 3- (and occasionaly 4-) part harmony. I've arranged it for SSA chorus, and it will work with middle or high school singers.
#8 on Family Values
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A song for Valentine's Day, or any time you want to sing about love! Also incorporates themes of kindness, global community, friendship, inclusion and generosity. Features a super-singable chorus that even very little ones love to belt out!
We Love Everyone
#8 on EARTH
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A simple and very singable song about loving everyone (people, creatures, earth, sun...). The verse cycles through other values we want to practice: kindness, respect, sharing, etc. You could sing this song ad infinitum, adding other concepts like "we include everyone", "we celebrate everyone", etc. The simple choreogrphy makes this one a winner with even the very young. It's a joyful, celebratory tribute to the power of love!
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