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This month's song, We Are Stardust is a love poem to my children. It's also about how we're all one thing. As hard as this concept is for us grown-ups to hold, I think children intuit it until we brainwash it out of them. So this song is an attempt to hold the reality of this mystery in a moment of music. I once heard it said this way: "You've been everybody's mother before." What could happen in the world if we all truly knew and remembered this in our hearts? Also, I of course have to thank Joni Mitchell, mother of so many things, for the stardust/golden seed.
We Are Stardust
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Music and lyrics by Charity Kahn.
Performed by Charity and the JAMband

We Are Stardust
comes and goes another year
like the light that flies 'tween us dear
listen to the dry leaf fallin'
through the air what do you hear
bodies earthy like trees growing
minds like ocean water flowing
hearts of love like fire burning
spirits breathing shining learning

we are stardust
we are shiny
we are huge and
we are tiny
we are ancient
we are new
we are me and
we are you
we are mother
we are father
we are son and
we are daughter
we are newborn
we are olden
we are stardust
we are golden

shine your soul upon your shadows
ask them in for conversation
hold it all in just this moment
can you watch it fly away
what is my love for you darlin'
sun or moon or ray of starshine
now the flower hears the mornin'
singin' love songs to the dew

words and music copyright Charity Kahn
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We Are Stardust is track #10 on our new double album, Party Like a Twinkle Star.
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