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This month's song is just stating fact. Listen to it whenever you need a boost, or sing it to your child as you snuggle down to sleep. At it's heart, it's a love song (I guess most JAM songs are!), and speaks the truth that we are all made of the very same stuff (magic, stardust, love, whatever you like to name it). It's called The Reminder. We can all use one of those sometimes.
The Reminder
<a href="">The Reminder by Charity and the JAMband</a>
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Music and lyrics by Charity Kahn.
Performed by Charity and the JAMband

The Reminder
you are the sky
you are the mountain
you are the water
you are the fountain
you are the moonlit meadow moss
under my toes

you are the bloom
you are the butterfly
you are the sundown
you are the morning light
you are the proof
that something inside of us knows

you are the moon
you are tides turning
you are the galaxies
you are stars twirling
you are the road
everything comes, then it goes
you are the nugget
right at the heart of things
you are this moment
empty of everything
you are the song
that rises up
and forever grows

on and on and on and on and on...

you are the wind
you are falling leaves
you are the soul that shines
you are the heart that grieves
you are the raindrop
you are the ocean
you are the magic words
you are the potion
you are the message
speaking through everything
you are the sage who smiles
you are the child who sings
on and on and on and on and on...

words and music copyright Charity Kahn
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