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This month's song is a dreamy reflection on the cyclical nature of day and night, dark and light, sunrise and sunset -- and a reminder that there's a little dawn bird singing in each of our hearts, showing us the way to the morning. It's called The Bird. We hope it sings to you!
The Bird
<a href="">The Bird by Charity and the JAMband</a>
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Music and lyrics by Charity Kahn.
Performed by Charity and the JAMband

The Bird
sundown, sunset
almost dark, not yet
silver sky fade to black
don't cry now, sun always comes back

day goes, night comes
crickets beat their lullaby drums
starts turn their lovelights on
foggy or clear, they're always twinklin'

day will come, sun will rise
you will open up your eyes
to the mornin's magic dew
and the bird who sings her song
just for you

this night is falling fast
landing now, coming to rest
just like you in your cozy bed
lay down, my dear, your weary head

it's time to sleep now
find a dream, you know how
trust the moon to guide you there
full or new
just like you
and everything true
the moon's always there

open your eyes
you know how
true will rise
always there
inside you
singing a song

words and music copyright Charity Kahn
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