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This month's song, Some More S'mores, is a not-so-subtle ode to everyone's favorite summer treat. Or campfire treat. Or fireplace treat. Or gas kitchen stove treat! Who doesn't love the crunchy, gooey, sticky, sweet, warm yumminess of s'mores? It's also about adventuring out into the wide blue yonder to commune with nature and remember where we all come from. Even marshmallows (I think ;-)

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Some More S'mores
oh I hiked into the forest with my big boots on
on a quest to find the perfect spot to camp 'til dawn
I had all my campin' gear in the pack on my back
sleepin' bag thermarest flashlight bear cord pocket knife compass maps bear sack

well I traveled 'til I almost reached the mountain top
'til the settin' sun told me it was time to stop
then I found a little clearing where the ground was flat
I set up my tent, started to unpack
got a powerful cravin' for the ultimate campfire snack

you take a graham cracker
and a little piece of chocolate
a roasted marshmallow
and another cracker top of it oh

I'm gonna make some more s'mores
I'm a-gonna make some more s'mores
I'm a-gonna make some more s'mores
they really have it all they really have it all
they really have it all

so I dug a fire pit and gathered up some wood
little twigs and big logs to make it super good
and when the flames got goin' 'twas a sight to see
every color of the rainbow
red orange yellow white even violet blue and green

so I went off to search for a roastin' stick
found a branch a little bit thin a little bit thick
then I hunkered on down to where the coals were burnin' sweet
and prepared to roast the perfect marshmallow
for the tastiest most spectacular campfire treat

hot sticky, good 'n' finger licky
rich sweet a pleasure to eat
crunchy chewy melty ooey-gooey
S O M E M O R E S apostrophe M O R E S
S O M E M O R E S apostrophe M O R E S
S O M E M O R E S apostrophe M O R E YES!

well the moon was full and the stars so bright
I didn't even need to use my big flashlight
and when I snuggled down deep in my sleepin' bag bed
I had visions of you-know-what dancin' through my head

words and music copyright Charity Kahn
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