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Who hasn't sung into a hairbrush in front of the mirror? Who hasn't played air guitar along with Jimi Hendrix? Who doesn't want to live their love and speak their truth!?!? This month's song, Rockstar, is a call to dance your dance, sing your song, stay grounded, stay shining, and keep loving all along the way. It's for your inner rockstar, your inner guide...the part of you that Knows What to Do, the part that knows how to SING, DANCE, LOVE, SHINE! Put this song on and have an Extreme Dance Party! Huge thanks to Sophia, Jonathan, Silas and Jasper for their very necessary contribution to this song.
<a href="">Rockstar by Charity and the JAMband</a>
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Music and lyrics by Charity Kahn.
Performed by Charity and the JAMband
with special guests Sophia & Jonathan Roven & Silas & Jasper Crocker

you got the music in you
in your blood and in your bones
you got the fire burnin'
showin' you the way home
you're ridin' on that rhythm train
sharin' your seat with the beat
you're gonna sing sing sing sing sing
and make 'em dance

'cause you're a rockstar baby
uh huh uh huh
you know how to rock
I know how to rock!
you know how to shine
I know how to shine!
come on you're a rockstar baby
uh huh uh huh
you know how to rock
I know how to rock!
you know how to shine
you're so fine

hangin' out on this little rock
a-hurtlin' through the sky
at a gagillion miles an hour
now I know you're gonna ask me why
world turnin' round and round
everything comes again
you're gonna love love love love love
and make 'em dance

you put your feet on the rock
you reach your hands to the stars
open your heart to the love in the air
open your mind to every little thing everywhere
let your soul do the walkin' now
let your spirit do the talkin' now
walk dance talk sing
come on baby, do your thing!

lookin' up from this little rock
you see the sun up in the sky
but when the lights go down the truth comes out
it's just a star in disguise
twinkle twinkle little star
you gotta open up your eyes and
shine shine shine shine shine
and make 'em dance

words and music copyright Charity Kahn
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Rockstar is track #7 on our new double album, Party Like a Twinkle Star.
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