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In honor of Mother's Day, our May song is a reworking of the age-old Rock-a-Bye Baby. I've always felt the traditional version lacked the comfort of a lullaby, with the baby falling out of the tree and all. So here's an adaptation that sings about the manifestations of unconditional mother love and safety available to us in every moment, no matter who or where or how we are. It's called Rock-a-Bye, and is a song for the mother -- and the child -- in each of us. Sweet dreams....
<a href="">Rock-a-Bye by Charity and the JAMband</a>
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Music and lyrics by Charity Kahn.
Performed by Charity and the JAMband

rock-a-bye babe
in the green tree tops
wind's gonna blow
cradle's gonna rock
but you're not gonna break
and you're not gonna fall
you're gonna journey far
grow up strong and tall

rock-a-bye babe
in the silver moonlight
she's gonna swaddle you
good and tight
you ask, how does the moon
know how to fly?
I say, you'll know, too
when it's your time to try

rock-a-bye babe
in the gold sunshine
he's gonna hold you safe
and treat you kind
and you'll never be lost
in the dark for long
if you listen close
for the sun's true love song

come on home, come on home
everything is shining here
come on home, come on home
everything is growing here
come on home, come on home
everything you need is here

rock-a-bye babe
in the ocean's womb
where there's always space
and always room
and there's always love
and there's always time
rock-a-bye babe
in this heart of mine

words and music copyright Charity Kahn
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