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Peanut Butter and JAM

The people are saying: "Thanks again Charity. We've decided not to own a TV in NJ and music has replaced the boob-tube. We got our daughter her own CD player and her favorite CD is Peanut Butter and JAM! It's so great I can even listen to it up to 5x a day! You're amazing."

Recipient of Parent's Choice and Children's Music Web Gold Awards
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Charity and the JAMband: Peanut Butter and JAM - Charity Kahn
Charity and the JAMband: Peanut Butter and JAM

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Peanut Butter and JAM was the winner of a 2004 Parents' Choice Approved Award and a 2006 Children's Music Web GOLD Award.

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"Ranging from silly to serious to seriously funky, the tunes will make you feel cool again, and your kids will love them!" Recapture Your Cool, Bay Area Parent

"Spectacular, really wonderful, yummy, gorgeous, smart, joyful, everything. Bravo! I'm applauding." Olive Hackett-Shaughnessy, professional storyteller
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