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Meditation Offerings

I am currently offering a variety of classes and workshops addressing different aspects of mindfulness and meditation, for example:

- Weekly Saturday morning meditaiton gatherings at Ocean Beach Yoga Studio
- Monday evening meditation for parents and parents-to-be at Recess Collective
- Ongoing meditation in the San Francisco Botanical Garden
- Half-day retreats for women-identified folks (every other month)
- Meditation circles and flash-mob meditation gatherings
- Weekend-long yoga and meditation retreats in collaboration with other teachers

Please visit my meditation web site at to view the full events calendar, and to sign up for my meditaiton email list.

If you are interested in private instruction (individual or family-based), or would like to set up a class for your community, parents' group, school, etc, please contact me directly.

And be sure to check out "Sit Breathe Love", our collection of guided meditations for families and classrooms!

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