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Music, Movement and Mindfulness Classes for Young Girls
Next Session: TBA

This 90-minute after-school class for young girls (ages 6-9; older 5's considered) is a distillation of the essence of my summer JAMcamp program into a weekly gathering involving song, dance, social-emotional learning, co-creation, ethics, mindfulness, and time for reflection. Themes: Earth care, kindness, compassion, respect, generosity, gratitude, peace, love, inclusion and celebration of all life.

A typical schedule looks like this (actual timing will vary based on the children's needs and energy week-by-week, but this is the basic framework):

* Welcome Circle (songs, stories, community building)
* Music and Movement (JAM songs and dances)
* Mindfulness Practice (guided meditations and exercises)
* JAM Journals (quiet time to write, draw, reflect, integrate)
* Closing Peace Circle and Time for Sharing
* Other possible activities: Collaborative art projects exploring our themes; open mic for sharing talents and passions; show and tell; more!

When: Next Session TBA

Where: Outer Sunset district of SF

Notes: Last class meeting features a Share Show and reception for families!

About Charity: Charity Kahn is a children's musician, teaching artist and mindfulness instructor based in San Francisco, CA. She has released seven albums of award-winning music for families and a collection of guided meditations for kids. Charity is also the founder of The JAM Experience, sharing music, movement and mindfulness with SF Bay Area families through her popular JAMboodas and JAMsattvas classes, JAMcamps and JAMband concerts.

Readiness for JAMsattvas:
JAMsattvas is for kids who display, at a minimum, Kindergarten readiness. In order for me to run an effective program which serves the needs of all children, a certain level of independence and self-management is expected: for example, developmentally-appropriate self-control and ability to pay attention during circle time and group activities, and also with peers. If you're not sure your child is ready for JAMsattvas, please call me to discuss (415-425-0372). If I determine after a multi-week class session has begun that your child is not developmentally ready for the program, I will make the call as to whether or not they can finish out the session. There are no refunds in this case, so if you have any questions about their preparedness, it is best to talk with me first. Thank you for understanding!

Some relevant interpretations of the word "sattva":
- The quality of balance, harmony, goodness, purity, light, gentleness, clarity.
- A living being, essence, existence, consciousness, spirit.
- A being who is constructive, creative, luminous, serene, peaceful.

I'm looking so forward to sharing this experience with your daughters!

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