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Music, Movement and Mindfulness for Kids!

Here are some kind words parents and children have shared
describing their experiences with JAMcamp!

"Charity's JAMcamp is a most special, engaging, and wonderful place to for kids to 'camp.' Our kids (boy/girl twins) both LOVE JAMcamp: they come home inspired, singing, thoughtful, grounded, and energized by possibility. Their vocabulary is expanded to include words and phrases including, 'mindfulness, quieting the mind, thoughtful behavior, sharing love.' In a fast-moving world, JAMcamp is a respite -- for the kids, and for their grownups, who learn from their kids."

"My daughter had a new face on that I had never seen before when she got back from camp the first day. My words to describe it would be: empowered, excited, relaxed and full of light."

"Our daughter has been going to Charity's camps for two years now and we couldn't be more pleased. Charity has a very special quality as a teacher - she is gentle, kind, FUN, and energetic. She combines music, dance, creative play, with rich curriculum based on kindness, nature, mindfulness, yoga and more. Her music is original and enjoyable for the whole family (I swear - and I DO NOT say that for most 'children's music'). She's a real San Francisco gem!"

"If you are looking for a safe, fun, peace-filled and joyous day camp for your child, please check out Charity Kahn's JAMcamp. My daughters loved going to summer camp with Charity and taking music and movement classes with her. Charity is a gifted teacher and wonderful person. "

"This is our family's favorite camp and it is fabulous! Delia attends at least one of these camps a year and LOVES it. She comes back refreshed, happy and really inspired."

"My son Noah has loved coming to Charity since he was a baby and now that he is 5 he pesters me all the time about going to JAMcamp...last summer was the first time he went to a week long camp and he's talked about it ever since. There is something magical about Charity and her classes/camps! Noah got to sing, dance, create, meditate and was inspired all day long. He loved going to camp and loved the whole PEACE, LOVE, UNITY experience. So much so that we go to the concerts at Park Chalet when we get the chance, too. So awesome!"

"My kids LOVED Charity's JAMcamp, as I knew they would. My second-grader, more resistant to new things, warmed up right away. She left deeply inspired to do some creative writing that very evening. My goofy 4-year-old found her soul home in JAMcamp. A month later, after ONE day of JAMcamp, she was still singing 'Lemonade.'"

"The only thing I don't like about JAMcamp is when I get picked up." (Scott, age 5)

"Charity's JAMcamp has been an amazing space and place for our daughter to explore dance, art, music, movement, and creativity...all within the broader context of love, compassion, empathy, trust and honoring each person's unique spirit. We heard about JAMcamp from one of the Moms at our daughters' pre-school in 2009, and have been signing up each year since. As a mom herself, Charity 'gets' kids, and is a true educator and facilitator. Highly recommended!"

"One week of Charity's JAMcamp reminded me of why I am raising my children in San Francisco. My 5-year-old daughter sings 'Breathe in the Love, Breathe out the Peace' to herself on a regular basis. She knows what infinity means. Sending her to Charity's camp makes me feel like the parent I wanted to be when I was 21 years old....But as a real mom, I had complete trust and confidence in Charity to take care of my daughter and make sure that she was not only singing, dancing and generally having a blast, but also that she was completely nurtured. The dynamics and structure of the camp ensured that my daughter made new friends instantly. Three months later, she is STILL talking about what they did at camp that week. We now spend our car trips singing together to Charity's music, and it is a great bonding time for us. While I am not a fan of "kids music," Charity is the exception. I actually enjoy it as much as my daughter and it's providing her with a great foundation of what "good music" means. I have visions of us dancing and twirling at concerts and festivals for years to come. Thank you Charity!"

"Our daughter started JAMcamp last year with Charity, not knowing her or the other other children. She felt immediately at home in the wonderful environment Charity had created in her home. When I picked her up 10 minutes early on the second day of JAMcamp, she protested with 'you are early!' Clearly I had interrupted her finishing her project, but she had never said that once in her 3 years of preschool, so I knew something magical was happening in JAMcamp. Charity's mindful teaching approach and calm, creative camp atmosphere are sure to make your children feel as comfortable as my child was. And don't take it personally if they tell you you're early!"

"My son loved JAMcamp. It is the only summer camp that he said he wants to go back to. He loves music and your camp allowed him to share this and learn about collaborating with others. He loved being able to perform at the end of the week!"

"Cassandra (8) and Sebastian (4) had a wonderful time at JAMcamp. They were so eager to go every morning. I was happily surprised at how calm and centered they seemed after an active day...instead of over-stimulated and exhausted. They really enjoyed the whole experience, and have spoken frequently about the activities and the kids they met. They loved JAMcamp. We will definitely be back next year."

"My 5-year-old son says: 'I like singing songs, I like doing the jumps in Jam Jam Jam. I love Rocket Ship because I wore my propelor hat and we could run around to do the rocket song!' Personally, I can't believe how much he loved it since it was his 1st camp and 1st full day away experience. He talked about and imitated Charity for weeks!"

We have loved JAMboodas and JAMcamp for our kids. We have a six year old and a two year old and both of them have absolutely loved being a part of the JAM spirit. Charity's classes make them smile, sing, dance, and be themselves! We feel so lucky to know Charity!"

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