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Music, Movement and Mindfulness for Children and the Grown-Ups Who Love Them

Here are some kind words parents and children have shared
describing their experiences with JAMboodas!

"We LOVE going to Jamboodas music class! Charity is adorable and brings such a great energy to the class, the kids and the parents. The songs are meaningful, beautiful and fun to rock out to. My son asks to put on her music in the car and the house all of the time. He really enjoys practicing his dance moves to all of her funky grooves. It's been such a blessing to discover such an engaging, fun, and mindful class for my son, and for me, to be a part of. Charity and her music classes are the real deal!
...Missy, Mama of little Jasper

"I'm deeply grateful that we discovered Charity's class - it's been fun, rewarding, restorative, inspiring and most importantly to us, rockin' and funky! Definitely a class for the whole family - something for the littlest to the oldest of us. What a gift to spend an hour with our children that includes dancing, music making, mindfulness and laughter!"
...Cara, Mama of two little ones

"My two sons have been jammers since they were both old enough to walk (and even before that) -- they both have taken classes, go to all the concerts and even rocked out at their birthday party with Charity! We are the ultimate groupies and love having Charity as a part of our lives."
...Lisa, mother of two boys, Noah and Jonas

"We have loved JAMboodas and JAMcamp for our kids. We have a six year old and a two year old and both of them have absolutely loved being a part of the JAM spirit. Charity's classes make them smile, sing, dance, and be themselves! We feel so lucky to know Charity!"
...Parker and Elena's mama and papa

We! Need! Jam - Jam - Jam!!!
...Sunny, age 2, and his mama

"Our 3-year old daughter has been jammin' with Charity since she was just a baby and has truly developed a love of music and movement as a result. Reese looks forward to her weekly classes and even dresses up in her favorite dance outfits just for Charity. I would recommend this program to anyone looking to bring lots of love and great music into their children's lives."
...Reese's mama

"We absolutely love coming to Jam class and can't wait to rock out with Charity. Veronica sings and dances all day long. it's the best music/dance class I know...I can't imagine not doing it!"
...Veronica's mama

"Charity sings it! Charity sings it! Mud Mud Mud! Veronica Needs Mud Mud Mud!"
...Veronica, age 2

"Jam with Charity fun and filled with lots of energy. The music is great for kids and adults. It also really gets us moving! I get a workout everytime! My daughter loves it and takes the best nap afterward!"
...Sydney's mama

"My daughter talks about class all week long and your music is close to being the only thing we listen to. My niece and nephew, who are six and eleven, also loved it and went home singing JAM songs after visiting us last summer (I'm glad that you are offering classes for older kids, too - I'm sure they'll be a hit!) We are SUCH fans that we try to follow you also to your other performances We love the tunes, the educational elements of them, and the dance moves that bring them to light. We'll find ourselves singing them as we do other things - out walking and finding a tree house, counting and then singing, "give me five, five me ten...," baking, and of course, my favorite, lying in bed and talking about how much we love each other."
...Katherine's mama

"want jamjam. want jamjam"
...Nina, age 18 months

"Maggie has been in Charity's music class for the past year or so, since she was 1 years old...and she LOVES Charity, the music, and all her new buddies. She is always requesting Charity's cds and once its pumping through the stereo she is all smiles and dancing like crazy!!!"
...Maggie's mama

"It's like sunshine everytime I go to Jam class with the kids. All my kids have loved the music and energy that Charity has always brought to class."
...Sofia, Andreas and Lila's mama

"My favorite JAM songs are happy and then I dance happy."
...Gabriella, age 4

"JAM is so fun! Angela loves to sing and dance and gets so much joy out of the program. She has also learned how to sing words to music using Charity CDs, while the whole family gets down to Charity's music for Dance Party USA in the living room."
...Angela and Jackson's mama

"JAM is all about having fun. Charity really knows how to bring out the energy and smiles in all the little ones. It's what a music class should be all about."
...Mariza's mama

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