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Music, Movement and Mindfulness for Children and the Grown-Ups Who Love Them
"Our daughter has been jammin' with Charity since she was just a baby and has truly developed a love of music and movement as a result. I recommend this program to anyone looking to bring lots of love and great music into their children's lives."...a JAMmama
Below you will find my vision of what JAMboodas is. To view our current offerings, visit Schedule. To read what participants have to say about it all, visit the Raves page. To learn more about me, go here. Register for classes and dance parties here. And check out this awesome article Amy Graff wrote about JAMboodas for SFGate's The Mommy Files. And if you're new to our music, take some time out to explore all of our songs and albums with your children. And then visit the heart of the music by joining us for a JAM concert! ~ Love, Charity

JAMboodas Music, Movement & Mindfulness
(ages 0-4, parent/child)

What is it? Taking the form of both weekly classes and monthly family dance parties, JAMboodas is 50 minutes of JAMband songs and dances, creative movement, dramatic play, percussion jams, scarf dancing, yoga, mindfulness and lots of love!

Who joins in? Kids aged 0-4 and a parent/caregiver.

Why do it? These kids are really on the move, and need to jump, shake, shimmy, twirl, sway, rock, stomp, bang on things, laugh, and hug and be hugged in order for their brains and hearts to grow strong and wise. And everybody benefits when the grown-ups join in on the fun!

Who leads it? Lead by Charity Kahn, songwriter, performer, musician, leader of Charity and the JAMband, mother, and JAM founder.

JAMboodas Music, Movement and Mindfulness is the next stage in the evolution of JAM (Joy  And  Music), the parent/child music and movement classes I began guiding twelve years ago when my oldest son was 18 months old.

JAMboodas represents a deepening of the music, the dance, and the philosophy and practice of JAM. I offer JAMboodas-inspired classes for kids aged 0-9.

JAMboodas is an acronym for:

Joy  And  Music  +
  Be  Open  Offer  Dance  Awaken  Sing

What are JAMboodas classes all about?
A JAMboodas class is a full-mind-body-spirit experience. We sing songs both familiar and new. We have percussion jams, do improvisational dance to live music, and understand our bodies as instruments. We rest in our quiet bodies. We create songs and dances on the spot inspired by your own personal muses...your kids. We rock our socks off!

JAMboodas is...
   an opportunity for you and your kids to bond through music and movement
   an exploration of rhythm, melody, and harmony
   a kid-inspired, family-tested pathway to the joy music brings
   an excuse to sing and dance and shake your bones!

JAMboodas enables kids to...
   find and trust their inner voices, their own personal songs
   understand their bodies as instruments, as music!
   take risks with sound creation and self expression
   experience music as joy!

JAMboodas provides kids with...
   a safe place to vent, relax, express
   a broad definition of music that begins with no definition!
   a pathway to discovering the muse within
   the realization that music is everywhere!

Notes to parents/grandparents/caregivers
   please dress comfortably as we move around a lot
   please be prompt so we can maximize our time together
   please come prepared for a good time!

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