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Show #1: Sunday April 28 @ 3-5pm
We'll kick off our 2019 season with a big peace and love celebration on the lawn! Come on down!

Show #2: Sunday June 9 @ 3-5pm
Summer's here and the time is right, for dancing in the streets, on the lawn, on the beach, together with each other!

Show #3: Sunday September 22 @ 3-5pm
September is International Peace Month and that's a lot to celebrate and work for!

Show #4: Sunday October 27 @ 3-5pm
Our season finale is a very special Halloween celebration! We'll lead an epic Halloween JAM session, including a Halloween parade and "Share Your Costume" experience where kids can come up to the mic and tell about their costumes. This one's a costume party, so please consider coming properly attired, one and all!

Birthdays: If you'd like to host your child's birthday at a show, check out the birthday page and reach out to Charity. We'd love to help you celebrate!

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