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EARTH - Songs for the Earth and All Beings

The people are saying it's "sophisticated * layered * unique * caring * loving * uplifting * energetic * positive * perfect * tender * poignant * vibrant * joyful * a driving message of the power of love and intentional living"

Recipient of 2016 MR. DAD Seal of Approval Award
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Earth - Charity and the JAMband

Charity and the JAMband: EARTH
Our sixth album for families celebrates the Earth, our interbeing, and the power of compassion, kindness, mindfulness, intentional action and community to transform our hearts and our world. The songs range from raging rock'n'roll to meditative mellow, in signature CJB style. Our hope is that this music becomes the soundtrack for a generation of earth-centric, compassionate kids, as we head into a future where it is necessary for us to protect, defend, cherish and care for Earth and All Beings, every day! This music is dedicated to our beautiful, precious Earth and all her beings and ecosystems, the air and light and water and soil that nourish us, and our deepest, most tender hearts, which know wisdom and compassion, and will find a way to wake up and transform human society into one guided by healing, peace and love.

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