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JAM Birthday Celebrations

There are lots of ways to have some JAM at your birthday party! You can invite all your friends to celebrate with the JAMband at one of our concerts, hire Charity for a solo show in your home or our local pizzeria, or even just purchase birthday CDs at the wholesale rate to give away as party favors at a party of your own making. Read on for details. Happy Birthday, Baby!

OPTION #1: Celebrate your child's birthday at a JAMband concert!

You can either rent a cabana for the full-blown experience ($$$), or simply show up with a blanket and your friends! Either way, we provide party favor CDs (and optional tattoos), and will celebrate your child with a song and a signed birthday poster with the set list from that day's concert. Scroll down to view the details and cost of both options.

Here's what a couple parents have to say about their experiences:

"The entire family is still smiling from the girls' birthday JAM last month. Thea and Evie had an absolute blast. I don't think either of them left the dance floor during the entire party. Now that I think of it, we didn't either! I can't tell you how wonderful it was to watch them up there dancing up a storm, laughing and singing about gratitude, peace and kindness. And our guests loved the party as well. The kids got a chance to dance and run around in a safe environment, and the parents got to enjoy some great music and drinks in a beautiful setting. In fact several people told me it was the BEST birthday party they had ever been to (that is high praise from families who go to a birthday party almost every single weekend). I wouldn't be surprised if more than a few of them become fellow JAMband groupies. We can't thank you enough for a delightful and memorable day. See you at the next show."

"Over the past several years, we have celebrated my children's birthdays with Charity and the JAMband on the grass lawn behind The Park Chalet. There is no easier way to throw a party, or I should say, to have a party thrown for you. The tent is pitched, the food is catered, the music is fun for everyone, and we can just enjoy the celebration. The kids can dance, sing, eat, and run around in the trees of Golden Gate Park. The parties have been easy to plan working with Charity and a Park Chalet coordinator. We have given both CDs and t-shirts as party favors. I know these celebrations will be some of our favorite childhood memories. Thank you Charity for blessing us all with your gifts and offering a truly unique way to commemorate a special day!"

We love it when families celebrate a child's birthday at one of our scheduled concerts! Here are the two packages:

Basic Party Pack:
The basic pack includes party-favor JAMband CDs for your wee guests (same for everyone or mix'n'match), plus a color-in JAMband birthday poster (signed by the band) for your child containing the set list from that day's show.
Cost: CDs at $8 each + $20 registration fee. Add JAMband tattos (Amazing Rocket Ship and Lovingkindness) for an additional $1 per child.
Reserve: Contact Charity to reserve.

Super Party Pack [available at Park Chalet concerts]:
With the Super Party Pack, you rent 1-2 Park Chalet cabanas for a landing spot for your guests and a place to cut your cake, and order food and drinks from the restaurant for your guests! JAMband Party Favor CDs (1 per family) are also included.
Cost: Cabana Rental Fee + Food/Drink Minimum ($$$)
Reserve: Contact Charity and she'll get the ball rolling and connect you with the Park Chalet events department.

Contact Charity (email or 415.425.0372) to schedule your par-tay!

OPTION #2: Celebrate your child's birthday with Charity or the full band at a venue of your choosing!

What it is: Interactive JAM Concert with Charity PLUS JAMband CD Party Favors.

Where is it: You can either have the party in your own home, or at Eagle Pizzeria (1712 Taraval St, 415.566.3113), or at a venue of your choosing, where you can order a fabulous family- and wallet-friendly meal for your party guests (you can even bring in your own cake and decorations!)

Why do it: So the party kids have an enriched activity to entertain them; so you can give families CDs of quality music as party favors rather than bags of sugar and little plastic things that so often end up in the landfill or garage-sale box soon afterwards; so you don't have to clean your house after the party (that is, if you choose the pizzeria venue!)

How many can come: Max of 50 people.

Other options: Drop-off option available for ages 5 and over. Mid-week playgroup option, too! Email charity for more info.

What it costs: For a solo concert with Charity:
$400 for the basic package:
* 45-minute interactive JAM concert (set list chosen by your child if they like!)
* Party-favor JAM CDs for 10 kids (add $5 per family beyond 10 to cover extra CDs)
* Full set of JAMband CDs for the birthday child (5 discs in all) mailed to you ahead of time
* Signed JAMband birthday poster with child's name, age, and the set list
* Party-favor add-ons -- like scarves and rhythm stix -- also available
* If you're combining with another family to celebrate more than one child's birthday, add $30 to the fee.
* JAM families receive $30 off any party! (A JAM family is any family who has ever enrolled in a JAM class or camp)

Email charity or call (415.425.0372) with questions and to schedule/register. And contact Charity for pricing details for the whole JAMband.

OPTION #3: Purchase a JAM Party Favor Package!

Music makes a wonderful party favor. It's full energy and magic, and will provide joy for the recipients long after more typical party favor offerings will have met their fate in the landfill.

To order CDs in bulk at the wholesale rate (40% discount), contact Charity directly.

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